Thursday, August 10, 2006

Don't leave Europe!

Hi guys,
Nice to hearing from you! I have seen Alberto's messages on my mailbox as well. You guys have been in touch a lot! That's great!
For the moment it is 1.52 AM in Canada, I am in the fuc**** middle of nowhere and I can not do more hitchicking with my friend as here there is... Storms!
Really all the cities of the comte are in red alert, all is windy, it is like the Apocalypse between 2 truckers who smell worth than the worth Berliner homeless.
So don't leave Europe guys! Here there is only rain and violent animals (more violent than me...)
Without jokes it is really great, just the perfect way to not to think everytime about stuffs left in Berlin or moments with all of you. Thanks Eeva for the pictures (as info I came back in Panorama but I lost myself inside... Without S-Bahn guys, without S-Bahn!!!! Things are in progress!). Roland you still are beautiful when you run. I want more!
For all the other ( I think about "salato completo miguelo con el camino del alcolico", "Margarita la loca que se va a trabajar por una compania de Tequila", Dani Dan, Jaime "aus Pedrola" and all the others I can not write because I am lazzy...), I miss you and will give some pictures of here when I will be back (if I am not eaten by a Bear, what will be funny for a Baehr... Ahahaha!)
So enjoy everywhere you are.
I miss you all

Matt the crazy dwarf of the Carpathes!!!!!!


  1. come on Margariten, how can we be so drunk already!! Hahahaha

    Migüelo am Spree

  2. Miguel, are your flatmates in love with Margarita or are you looking for a new flat?


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