Friday, August 25, 2006

another night in

hi friends!
i am at home recovering from a hangover. my friends had organized a welcome surprise party for me yesterday. it was the night of the arts in helsinki and the party was our club "Another Night In" held in a bar of a theatre by the sea. (the black and white photo is from the flyer we made) my dj name is pommi (=bomb). other people seemed to like it as well, so i think we will do this club more often in the future. so: another great reason to visit helsinki and me!

it's nice to be back home. except that some giant dumpster and forests are burning in russia and the wind is blowing the smoke this way and we all have a headache. and it's expensive. and my apartment is full of cardboard boxes, i have a lot of work making this a home again.

tonight there is a macabre fashion salon party where the dresscode is spain. where the hell can i find golden bullfighting pants??!? kuss kuss!

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Bueno pues parece ser que al final no fue para nada.
Déjame tu opinión. Muchas gracias y hasta la próxima.