Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"Copenhagen wheel" or "Flykly Smart wheel"

Some months ago I found (via Facebook)the Superpedestrian Idea: The Copenhagen Wheel, a great idea to make from bike an Automobile (from Boston).
Some days later, looking for a smart rear wheel in the internet I found the Flykly version (from NYC), the smart wheel.
Both products look
identically and perform nearly identically, both have smartphone connectivity, and both will be launching in a couple of months.
The technical version:
copenhagen wheel: 48V 5Ah 5.9kg
flykly: 36V 12Ah 4kg

How they look like
Here you are the Copenhagen Wheel

And here the Flykly Smart wheel

If anyone on both product's development team is reading this, and can speak to the similarities, please do sound off in the comments.

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