Friday, March 15, 2013

the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Start > Champs-Elysées Avenue
The first few dozen meters take place on a false flat surface, which is in slight descent. Don’t be surprised, and don’t run faster than the marathon speed that you validated during training, which you have chosen for (at least) the first half of your race. You may be cut off by certain runners or bothered by others who slow down unexpectedly when they cross Concorde Place. Stay concentrated!
5th kilometer > Place de la Bastille
You will have finished with the magnificent Rivoli Street and should concentrate on finding your cruising speed. When you cross the chronometric rugs, verify that you are respecting your course plan. Don’t neglect the refreshment stand that is located at the “Place de la Bastille!” It’s unnecessary to jump on the first bottles that are offered, the stands are vast…
12th kilometer > Château de Vincennes
The site, which served as the start and finish for the Semi-Marathon de Paris, is majestic. Take advantage of the show. Running in Paris is also a feast for the eyes! Have you chosen to follow a pacer? If so, take advantage of the pacer’s tips throughout the marathon.
Half-marathon > Daumesnil Avenue
Are you finished with the hardest part? Certainly not! However, you are halfway there. Make a quick check list, and make sure that you aren’t suffering from cramps or nausea. Make sure that you refresh yourself carefully with water, energy drinks, and energy gels. Do what you practiced during training, and keep your speed as stable as possible.
24th/29th kilometer > Célestins Bank / Eiffel Tower
You’ve been dreaming about it for months. Here are the Seine’s riverbanks! Straight, flat, and really crowded. Notre-Dame and the Orsay Museum to your left, the Louvre and the Concorde to your right. All of Paris is at your feet. Be careful, at this point the kilometers can abruptly seem longer. Don’t give up. Stick with the pacers or the runners around you.
35th kilometer > Porte d’Auteuil
This is where you will enter the Boulogne woods, last portion of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. It’s probably difficult to maintain the tempo of the first kilometers. Your mental force is going to be tested. Are your legs hurting? It’s logical. The finish is near, one step after another. You will soon hear the speakers, and Foch Avenue will be there…

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