Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey dudes, here Alberto writing from Valladolid.

I think I was one of the last survivors in Berlin (I know there are still other) of the Erasmus-year in Biesdorf. One month ago I had to leave Berlin because I was abusing of the help of my parents and felt not comfortable any more. In fact I only want to put a pair of pictures of Berlin in this blog. There is no much more to say. I would have stayed in Berlin but I couldn´t.

I hope to see you soon in any of the Erasmus meetings that are planned, althougn is gonna get more difficult after becoming a worker.


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  1. willkommen in madrid,its a great city,not wie berlin, but cool anyway!!
    u should learn some madrileño, like mola mazo, ejke , and so...
    we have to meet with pablo n raul 4 a bergardler!!
    bienvenido, don


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