Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Hello people!!

Today is the 6th of december; holyday in many places. If I'm right, a day like today Finland got the independence, it's also the day of the Spanish constitution, and it's the day the Hungarian ladies gave us some peanuts and candies into a red shock because Santa Klaus came along...

Raul's mail opened old wounds when I read it the other day; I really like autumn in Berlin, full of colours. The first time I came back from party by tram, I remember crossing the small forest around Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeths Herzberge when Raul, Eeva, Alberto and me (always the same 4) were coming back home from Kaffee Burger at almost 9:oo on a sunny monday morning. Around these dates we weren't really talkative in Holland and we were getting crazy with the mushrooms. We were discovering Didier's ways of flirting with unknown girls (hey pussy!) and the marvellous appearance of the KKK guy, who was sometimes hanging around in the Weinerei as well (but this is already january...). I had those escaping nights with the night tram at 2:00a.m. especially with Raul and sometimes with Valanti (due to him we know a lady at Oranienburger Strasse costs 70€), and Zapata, KKK and Kaffee Burger were the most wonderful places ever, and the idea of going to the 3 places during the same night was something I had to reach (Cagarruta). We discovered great nordic football players...

But also we had him; the one who appeared in many lifes as the Greatest Spanish Star; and the one that produces doubts now to everybody about going to the Mediterranean Spanish beaches. He is...

hahaha; see you soon people.

P.D: Aufentzug sein, oder Entzugerscheinungen haben: To have the monkey; drug dependence originated because you didn't consume some drug in a long time and you really feel like taking it again. I love my german teacher!

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