Friday, October 06, 2006

becoming an engineer

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here is Alberto again in Berlin.
Last week I managed to do the presentation of my final thesis and traveling the same day to Spain. In my city I made a "fuck you celebration" in front of my school of engineers and met a lot of old friends, but I had the strange feeling of being in the wrong place. I suppose all of you have had this feeling after coming back to your permanent residences. Anyway I´m back in Berlin looking for a job as engineer in germany, so if any of you have a good contact... The next time you come to Berlin remember I´m still here until new notification.

cheap celebration
with cheap champagne
in a cheap flight.

1 comment:

  1. Why do we have publicity about lawers and gays of Berlin? What do our pictures look like? :D

    If engine in Spanish is motor, engineer is Motoreta? :D

    Ive been in this coffee "the slow hours" in the old "bullfight square", its nice and you can read if you get used to Alice Cooper being played really loud...

    Im staring at the spoon I still use to serve the salads, maybe its a gay-law mix...



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