Friday, August 04, 2006

Real Lebe, noch ein mal

34 Stunden in a Corsa, 2176km, 120'1l ....Was für ein Reise
Meine Tür, 1. August
Handlos handy :-P
Meine Auto
Kein Wort
Ein schiff??


ich habe mehr Fotos HIER->.
Ciao, Jaime


  1. Hei Jaime. I hope you arrived well home! I dont know what your "handlos handy" should help for, but im sure, it was a importent thing! haha

    I like the Place Bron. You should tell me, where it is! I have to go there, asap....

    By the way, very good idea with the blog!

    Swiss, european champion 2008!!!

    Cu soon

  2. Hy jamón!

    Just got the adress for ur blog from mr furios.

    30 traveling by car - jesús!

    At least u took the "schlitten" with u. For sure u had an interesting talk with him during the travel.

    Hope u had a good start in grande pedrola.


    mr steiner


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