Wednesday, December 17, 2014

positive Attitude

  1. You settle never on the idea of "I'm ok like that," remember that you can change. Even if you are seventy.
  2. Treat the others as you would like to be treat by them . Respect and affection.
  3. Learn to give more than one opportunity, not only need others more than once but also yourself: every human being is imperfect.
  4. Learn to give thanks for the smallest details.
  5. Seek happiness in the really important place: inside you.
  6. Do not settle with less than you can give because then you're missing many possibilities.
  7. Stop complaining and takes action to fight for your dreams.
  8. Have confidence in your destiny and future. Life is a miracle itself, therefore, enjoy it as the greatest of gifts.
  9. Learn from those people who left their mark on the world even beyond his death. People who are a symbol of pure goodness and make us believe in a better world.
  10. When you make mistakes, apologize without pride. Apologize you, because it is a much more honored gesture than be sorry.
Enjoy yourself and your own company, learn to love yourself with your strengths and your weaknesses: this is the basis to grow as a person.

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