Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I talk about, when I talk about running

Hace un tiempo me acabé de leer este libro de "Haruki Murakami" ... y al más puro estilo de burbujaplanetera pondré diferentes frases del libro ;o)

"When I'm criticized unjustly, or when someone I'm sure will understand me doesn't, I go running for a little longer than usual. By running longer it's like I can physically exhaust that portion of my discontent. It also makes me realize again how weak I am, how limited my abilities are. And one of the results of running a little farther than usual is that I become that much stronger"
"The most important thing we ever learn at school is the fact that the most important things can't be learned at school"
"I just think, It's a foreign language, so what're you going to do?"
"In his book The Triathlete Dave Scott wrote that of all sports man has invented, cycling has got be the most unpleasant of all"
"After our unpretentious race on a fall Sunday, we were all on our way back to our homes, back to our own mundane lives. And with the next race in mind, each of us, in our place, will most likely silently go about our usual training."

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